I'm working on a few different projects at the moment. My sister is somewhat of a shop-a-holic, so I am cutting up all of her plastic bags into (somewhat) straight strips so that I can knit plastic bags into...guess what? A BIGGER plastic bag! heheh. Hopefully this will work. I am thinking it will be a pretty big bag, strong enough to hold a few groceries. I really love reusing stuff! I think about getting home and cutting up plastic bags all day at work. I'm obsessed I tell you! The plastic bag project has proven to be quite a time-eater though because I've been cutting bags for three nights (with the random help of my boyfriend and his sister on the first night), and I have nowhere NEAR enough cut to make a bag! *sigh*

Last night I also started knitting a bride's purse. My boyfriend's mother works at a bridal shop, and she suggested that I knit some purses so her store could sell them for me. I quick went to Edla's yarn shop in Walsenburg when I went to visit my mom and bought some Bonsai in tofu, bamboo, and shin gold. They are so beautiful! I found a great pattern that I wanted to use, so now I'm clicking away!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I apologize for the photo quality. Those were taken with my webcam! I was also hiding behind my knitting because I am sitting in bed without my hair brushed or anything!

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