I've been pretty busy lately with work and my senior project. If you guys don't know this yet, I am a geology major at Colorado College between by junior and senior year. The past three years have not been too easy, but definitely fun. My passion for rocks and the environment comes near to my passion for crafting.

For my senior project I am looking at metamorphic rocks under the microscope. I am to the point where I need to start taking pictures of the textures within these rocks, but Colorado College does not have an "equipped facility" for petrology (study of rocks). So, sunday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday of this week are being spent at the Colorado School of Mines in Denver. At one point in my life (high school) I thought about attending the school of mines, but I am glad I haven't. These have been long days in front of a computer and microscope. No time for blogging or crafting!

With what little free time I have, I have been cutting more and more and more AND MORE plastic bags. Whfew! Cutting plastic bags proves difficult! Well, not so much difficult as tedious. I finished my first knit plastic bag a couple of days ago, and my aunt already wants it! I'm cooking with gas now! It's very fun, and free! I would suggest every other knitter or crocheter use up those horrible plastic grocery bags by knit/crochet(ing) bags, rugs, sponges, anything you can think of! We must be eco-friendly!

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