I ♥ Noro yarn

I made some socks (well one and a half of another) as a custom order for my aunt. She wanted me to knit a pair of socks for her friend, Karen, who never wears any socks. My aunt figured she would wear a pair of nice home made socks ^_^. Tete (my aunt) picked out some beautiful Noro yarn. I know this is a chunky yarn for socks, but OH HOW I LOVE IT!! If I had more money, I would knit everything out of it.


Felicia said...

Noro is terrific. Love the socks!

Ryukin said...

i dont like that yarn very much at all. it isnt outrageous.

Rosie said...

No? You don't like it? I think it is beautiful. It just isn't soft at all.