I haven't posted in awhile. I've been in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and a little bit of Idaho for the past six days. Now I am back in Colorado, capable of accessing a computer. Ryan (the bf) and I decided to go on a week long "vacation"/camping trip. We had a lot of fun. First, we went to the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. That was by far both of our favorite place. There were HUGE pegmatites and granites with mica, feldspar, quartz, and black tourmaline. Wow, it was amazing. Mount Rushmore was neat and all, but I liked the surrounding geology much better than some carving in a mountain. That's just me though.

Next we drove to Glacier National Park in Montana. That was a long drive, so we stopped at a lake made from daming the Mississippi River in Helena, MT. We were both confused by the lack of mountains and hazy sky that day. While were driving through Montana to Glacier, we saw no mountains. Just fields upon fields of hay. Where were the mountains! about 17 miles away from the park, we finally saw the mountains. And they were LARGE and BEAUTIFUL! There are three huge fires in Montana right now. One in Glacier National Park. The reason we couldn't see any mountains was because the haze was too thick to see them through!

Glacier was neat. There was only ONE hiking trail to a glacier in the whole park though. (even though there are probably 10 glaciers in the park, only one may be accessed I guess). We tried to get there, but the hike was 12 miles one way, and we only had time for 12 miles total. It was a very nice hike though.
We left Glacier and headed toward CO. We stopped in Montana to camp one more time between two lateral moraines. It was windy there and the smoke was so thick that my eyes and throat were burning.

Ryan wanted to drive through Idaho so that we could say we had been through four states on our trip. We drove through a piece of Idaho, and saw the Teton Mountain Range on our way back through Wyoming. Those are so stark and fantastic. These are mainly sedimentary mountains caused by a normal fault. Wow! That doesn't happen all that much.

Anyway, we are back in Colorado now. It's nice to be home, even though I still have to sleep on the ground.

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Felicia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!