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I haven't really been writing much. I also haven't been knitting as much as I would like to be. I have no pictures to show you, and nothing exciting to tell. I have been hanging out with Ryan a lot. He is going on tour with HAVOK on tuesday for two weeks, so I have feared wasting a spare moment.
Sunday is my birthday, and for the first time in my life, I know what I want. When my mom called up, I already had a list of present ideas in my mind. That has never happened before, and everyone has always complained about my "buy-for-ability." Usually I feel guilty and insecure telling people what I want or I don't have any clue what I need, but this year, since I am out on my own, making my own money (and rarely spending it), I can happily tell people what I want.

Here is my list:
an apron
plain shirts for work
anything having to do with a house (silverware, pots/pans, napkins, etc)

I started listening to audiobooks while drawing maps at work. It is a wonderful way to pass the time, and I get to read books I have wanted to read for years but never had time to get around to. I listened to Mansfield Park, and now I am on to Uncle Tom's Cabin. The best thing about Librivox is that all of the books are classics! I love reading classics the most. Plus, it's free and the readers are awesome. I want to be a volunteer librivox reader!

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