Ode to one month

I know this post is not craft related, but I just wanted to give a little shout out (or rant at) to having one month left before my wedding. (Actually, according to my blog day counter majiger, I only have 20-something days.)

Oh, people who don't RSVP and expect me to automatically know they are coming, how I love thee. Your lack of motivation to write down your name, place a checkmark in the correct box, and put the prepostaged postcard in the mail truly inspires me.

Oh undergarment, why did I have to lose thee? Your smooth white surface made my white skin surface much smoother, but somehow you got away from me. Someone must have proven their love for you was greater than the $84 I spent on you.

Oh family, how you have proven time and time again that your personalities improve with the impending wedding. Your new indecisiveness, nonacceptance of my ideas, and questioning of everything I say has created a wonderful atmosphere for our marriage. In fact, everything gets done so much quicker because of you.

Oh announcements, if only you could make and send yourselves so I don't have to make you and send you to hundreds of people who will happily be disappointed that I didn't invite them to the big event. Hopefully you will be compared to the mass of invitations I sent out and cause much jealousy and indignation.

Oh flabby arm skin, how I look forward to showing you to everyone who comes to the wedding. You are a true inspiration to silly putty and jello everywhere.

Oh Colorado weather, how your unpredictability has helped the planning of this ceremony. I never know what you will do, so I get to have the pleasure of planning two weddings: one inside and one outside. I am so excited to see whether it will be a 70 degree day or snowing.

Oh full time job, how I've enjoyed stressing out for weeks trying to make up overtime so I can go on my honeymoon. I love spending so much time with you, especially when I have a Grandmother with cancer, a mom having surgery, and a wedding to plan.

Oh headaches. You are the best of them all. You always come when the time is right. When I need to concentrate the most, you are there. When I am upset, you are there. When I haven't slept enough, you are there. When I think about anything too much, worry, get sad, or eat too much sugar, you are there for me. Thank you.


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Ha ha ha. funny ode!
I found you through my "watcher's list" or whatever blogger calls it.

You have 10 days left! Whoo hoo! Don't stress out too much. I still have 11 months left (after waiting over 2 years. Yeah, I know. The longest engagement in history). I hope you have an amazing wedding. :)

Melissa said...

1 day 9 hours and 38 minutes until your wedding day! Very very soon it will all be past you and you will wonder what all that stressing and fuss was for! Can't wait to see you Saturday!

Anonymous said...

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