Many many things have been going on since about October, but now the storm is finally calming.

Things that have happened in the past three months:

Got married
Went on a honeymoon
Thanksgiving madness
Big craft fair at Colorado College
Moved to a different apartment (that has a very minimal internet connection)
Christmas (multiple family visits)
Cat got a big scratch in the eye
Bought a Nikon D40

So, finishing with that last thing that happened. I have a snazzy new camera! Now I can take actually nice pictures for blog posts, patterns, and etsy items. Hopefully this will keep me motivated to do all of these things.

I have been knitting like a maniac lately.
I knit these socks:

From knits

I also knit one of these for Laura Bigger (my pal who is currently in New Zealand):

I finished Ryan's socks that I started back in Sweden.
I made myself a cloche...to be felted. (Pattern coming soon)
Now I am on to a pair of socks for another pal. The one who married us.
From wedding stuff

This is the pattern:
Simply Ginny

Alright, that's all for now!


roxymommy said...

Awww - lovely pics! Don't forget you have to teach me to knit easy stuff!

Rosie said...

I will the second you want me to come over and teach you!