Funny story that....

This weekend was a strange weekend (and I know it is also strange that I am writing about my weekend all the way on Wednesday. Please excuse the lateness.).
First, my buddy Sam, previously mentioned, was coming up on Friday evening, so Ryan and I had to clean like crazy. Our house was a wreck. I was too busy making her a pair of socks to eat, sleep, or clean. Upon Sam's arrival, we went to the Cherry Cricket (my favorite bar joint) and then to some thrift stores. I think I had too much beer at the Cherry Cricket, but more on that later.

On Saturday, we got up, made pancakes, and then chaperoned Sam to the Dazbog on Colorado. After which we spent the whole day thrift store shopping. I was on a MAJOR kick. At about 2pm (?) after perusing the big HUGE goodwill on Broadway, leaving the store, and arriving at a Salvation Army, I realized...WHERE'S MY PHONE!

We looked in the car. We looked in the Goodwill. We called a million times. We asked the front desk people. We took a break and ate the Persian Gourmet because I had majorly low blood sugar. I cussed. We went to the first thrift store we visited to see if it happened to be there. Nope. We called and called. Finally, a little girl (10-12 yrs old) answers the phone when Ryan was calling.

She says hello, he says "where are you standing, this is my phone."


I call. She answers. I put on my sweetiepie voice because I realize immediately that it was a young human.
"Hello?" she says.
"Hi, where are you sweetie?"
"At home."
"Is your mom home?"
"Is your dad home?"
Then I hear some adult woman yelling.
I excitedly say, "There's your mom! Let me talk to her."


We called a million more times to no avail. Hmmm. I luckily had my two year upgrade waiting for me, so going to the Cherry Creek mall to buy a new phone from verizon wasn't all that painful.

Now that that fiasco was over, we did our whatevers we did that night. The next day I was planning on going to my cousin's daughter's first birthday. Then I was going to get my haircut in Boulder.

I could not find my keys. Anywhere.

I looked and looked and looked. Yet again, to no avail. I've never lost my phone or keys before like this...so this was some kind of record for me. Thing is, I can't leave my apartment complex without me keys. It's not a matter of locking the door, it's a matter of doors being locked no matter if you are going in or out. I couldn't unlock the gate to even get out of the apartment facility. I couldn't go outside to see if my keys were locked in my car. Lucky me. Cancel party. Cancel haircut. Finally, I escaped by waiting for the next car to open the gate and running before it closed. How silly.

It took me until about 7pm on Sunday to realize that I had drunk so much beer at the Cherry Cricket, that I left my keys there. :/

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Melissa said...

Atta girl, sass! I am so proud of you... and why have we never gone to this Cherry Cricket place?