Up to no good

I haven't been taking pictures of knitting lately, but that is because I've been so busy photographing children. There are so many beautiful children around me, in my family, that I can't help but snap a picture. Like this one:

Or this one:

I think it's the child in me. I really wish I still could be fancy free and careless. Thing is, I was never that kind of child anyway. I used to worry so much about the rainforest, endangered animals, and genocide that I wouldn't be able to sleep, or I would always wake up worried. So I guess I wish I could be some other child.

I've been knitting like CRAZY lately. Saturday was Krista's Pajama Jam at the Lambshoppe. If you live in or near Denver and you knit, you MUST go to the Lambshoppe. I knit from about 5pm to 11pm at the Pajama Jam, and it was a total blast.

In addition to social knitting, I have a lot of "secret" thank you socks that I am knitting. These socks are going out to the woman who married my husband and I, our shared best friend, the woman who did my hair, her boyfriend (whom I have been pals with since the dawn of time), and the photographer. I have so many great friends who put their time, effort, and even money in to the success of Ryan and my wedding. Who wouldn't want thank you socks right? I hope so.

The first pattern is Simply Ginny by Anna Peck. She has a great blog. Go check it out! I believe she has a wedding coming up here soon too. Good luck Anna, and thanks for the great pattern!

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Melissa said...

I wish we could be kids again too, sass! We will just have to enjoy their excitement and wonder in all the little things we take for granted!