J O B-my personal resume

I never thought I would be so happy without a job. I've worked my whole life. Except for the summer between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college, I've never gone without a job.

My first job was babysitting a 2 year old boy in the back of an office building while his mother, grandmother, and the rest of the workers carried on with their day in the front of the office. I believe I was 12 years old. I got paid something like 2.50 per hour cash. It was pretty nice to have money at 12 years old, but I am not sure it was worth watching Bambi every single day for months at a time. I never liked Bambi. So, as a compromise, we would only watch Bambi if we watched something else first. Pretty much I got paid to watch Disney movies all day.

By my freshman year in high school, I decided I wanted a different job, and I happened to get my version of a dream job then. I worked for a fossil shop that happened to be located in Walsenburg. I've always liked rocks. This job was freaking awesome. They had dinosaur eggs, megalodons, cave bears, fossilized crabs, insects preserved in amber, everything! It was amazing, and all I mostly did was tape packages, organize files and rocks, and clean up. I didn't get paid much ($5 cash per hour), but I loved it. I loved my boss too. It was fun. Then they opened a Nature Store in Walsenburg, and I got to be the cashier. Wow. That was great. I love dealing with money, rocks, and minerals! I won't delve in to the awful situation when I got *gulp* fired, but I would take that job back any day. Maybe for more than $5 an hour though.

There was a short stint where I worked at Subway, but that's not even worth talking about.

Actually, I did work between my senior/freshman year. I may not have gotten paid, but I worked at Edla's yarn shop. I worked at Edla's from my junior year of high school to my freshman year in college. That was yet another dream job. Boy, it was wonderful. I got to knit all day, play cashier, and get discounts on yarn. I even got to teach some people how to knit! That was fantastic. Spending time with Edla is one of my favorite past times. I never thought I would have a best friend that was decades older than I. Once again, another job I would happily go back to if I could.

In college I had a few different jobs. First off, I worked as a student technical aid in the Information Technology Services Help Desk. That was a joke. I can use a computer, but I am not a computer person. I can't really help people with their problems. The only good quality I had for that job was the ability to offer good customer service, put the person on hold, and then tell someone else to help this person because I had no idea what I was doing.

Then I became a Writing Center peer tutor. Now that I think back on it, I've had some pretty sweet jobs. I had to take a class and do a practicum, but this was the best group of people I will probably ever work with. They all liked writing, they all liked reading, they liked discussing good ways of tutoring, writing, reading, etc. I worked there throughout college. The best part however, was getting to help students become better writers. Some of these kids had the best ideas! It was always so exciting.

Another job I had at Colorado College was for the Geology Department. I cut rocks, organized structure data, looked at thin sections in the microscope, wrote grants, put polygons on a map, made a poster, wrote some papers. This was a great job for opportunity, geologic development, and inspiration.

I got laid off of my most recent and first actual job, but I feel it's too soon to talk about what kind of job that was. All I have to say now is, I love not having a job for the first time in my life.

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