Rose is Not Meant to Run

Being locked in doors for days on end can drive a girl mad. Especially a girl who loves rocks, walks, and knitting socks? (Couldn't help the rhyme) She goes so mad that she thinks she can run. I've never ever been a runner. I'm just not built for it. Everyone has always told me that, and I've always believed it. One day, I came upon this and decided I was going to be a runner. Not much of a runner, just a runner.

I worked on this on and off for about two months, without any problem. Last week, Ryan and I decided to go rockhounding on his one day off, and my knee was aching from all of the in-the-car-sitting. I thought nothing of it. Two days later I decided to pick the old running up again. BAD. About 15-20 minutes in, it was pure pain. The rest of the night was pure pain, and I am still hurting. It's Monday. It's been nearly a week.

My knees have quite the history. They've been crunched, dislocated, surgerized, therapized, redislocated, tackled, swollen, etc. I've never had this same pain though. The shooting pains up to my hip make me nervous, and I don't know what to do. On my visit to Walsenburg this weekend, I told my parents about my knee. Of course they told me that I am not a runner, but I can't help but retaliate. How can I not be a runner? How is it that I can't even try to be runner? I am sure my "forefathers" were runners. They had to be, at some point right?

Oh well. So instead of trying to run, I am just going to be working on this:

That oughtta help my knees right? Hahaha.


SJ said...

Oh man, at least you have something pretty and squishy to help your knee. :)

I've been try to be a runner for many years now and I don't know if I'll ever get there. We're in a similar boat...I just blogged today about my two pains in my lower legs.

Elisabeth said...

ANYONE can become a runner! Don't you listen to them! I decided I was going to do it in 2007 and I recruited a bunch of girls together to do a half marathon with me. See our blog: The Eat-My-Dust Bunnies Run a Half Marathon.

Thing is... two problems for you (same ones for me). Running is really bad for joint problems. It is HARD on the body. Also, endurance sports like running are scary for hypoglycemics. I'm firmly convinced that my hypoglycemia is as bad as it is today because of the long birth I endured and because of running the half marathon. I never really recovered from that half marathon. However, I did not know a lot then and I didn't do what I could to protect myself. I believe the half marathon hurt me like it did because I took a tiny cup of gatorade and a mini power bar during the race. Those caused me to crash while I was running -- bad thing! Two weeks prior I had done a 12 mile run and felt absolutely great with no noticeable change in my hypoglycemia. So I think if you get into this, research how to handle your illness during endurance sports.

If those two reasons (or nay sayers) are enough to scare you off, become a walker! It's great for you, easy on the joints, and doesn't stress out your system as much. My sister walked the half marathon in Boise when we were doing that whole thing. My other sister is now planning to walk a half marathon here.

Hmmm maybe it's time to revive the Eat-My-Dust Bunnies for this year's challenge seekers. :)

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

I really love this pic.