Today I went to a lovely craft fair in Denver. Boy are those things dangerous for me. Upon arrival I met the woman who had organized it. We got to talking about the organization and yarn and...She actually knew who I was from etsy (which was surprising) and asked me if I had gotten an invitation to be a vendor. I said I hadn't, to which she replied that she remembered that she didn't invite me because she didn't feel recycled yarn was "handmade." She asked me if I made anything else. Of course I make other things. But my question is, why isn't recycled yarn handmade?

I asked her if she thought the people who dye pre-made yarn are "handmaking" something. She said yes. I was confused. How is dyeing a pre-made yarn any less commercial than unraveling a sweater? Well, I guess I can understand. You are choosing your own colors when you dye. It's like painting on a premade canvas. Yet I still don't understand how making yarn out of something that would have been shredded is not crafty.

She said she "didn't want to have any vendors that had something that people can just go home to make." WTF? How many people do you know who go home and unravel a sweater to make yarn? Not many, I tell you. I admit, I am not the first person to think of making recycled yarn. People have been reusing wool for centuries, but they have also been knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, and dyeing for centuries. How am I any different?

Maybe I will just start dyeing my unraveled yarn to become more "handmade."


SJ said...

Some people are just dimmer than the rest of us. :)

Cozy said...

You are not different. The organizer just doesn't get it.

As far as I am concerned your yarn is handmade.

Rosie said...

Thanks you ladies ^_^