GoodBye Blogger

To all (if any) readers, I am moving. If you would like to continue reading up on my randomness, please visit http://roseunraveled.tumblr.com . Until then, Cheers!


Happiness is...

Happiness is the most important thing you could ever own.

Happiness is brighter looking in the past or the future, never in the present.

Happiness is never bought or given but can be taken away easily.

Happiness is often confused with comfort.

Happiness is not equal to, greater than, or less than any other person's happiness.

Happiness is fleeting.



I never have trouble finding inspiration around me, but by far, being social is the biggest inspiration I could ever have. A lot of people see me as an antisocial or "human hater," but I've come to realize, that I just don't like people my age. Throughout my whole life, I have had friends much older than myself. It seems the older I get, the wider the gap between my friends and myself. I think this is partially due to the youngest child curse. Or, it may also be due to the fact that I 1)knit 2)have bad knees and silly ailments and 3) am named Rose (i.e. I am an old lady at heart). Now, some of my best friends are in their sixties, and I would not exchange their friendship for all of the 23 year olds in the world.

I've recently begun knitting with a group of ladies in Denver. Their ages range from early 50s to mid 80s, and I always return home so elated after a visit. Since my visit with them on Saturday, the inspiration has been flowing out of my fingertips. I've knit two scarves and a bag, and it's not over yet! I have so many ideas, excitements, aspirations, and patterns bouncing around in my head! Where's my paper! Why can't I work faster?

One great thing about having older friends is they've already experienced so much of life. They are always truthful, yet caring; short, yet understanding. They tell the best stories, have the best comebacks, and they never ever miss a beat. I am constantly giggling during their "open" conversations. I know I can always complain about new-fangled technology and kids these days without someone getting their feelings hurt.

Not only do they offer great insights in to the world, but they are always there to support you. Do you need a great neurologist? One of them knows the best. Need to learn a certain cast on? They've all tried at least five. Want to know the truth about those two colors you put together? Just ask the one that knows all about color. Need to sell your recycled yarn somewhere? She has a show every year. It's just so awesome! I hope I can be friends with these women for the rest of my life.

Plus, I know that I will always have wonderful food and plenty to bring home to the husbeast.



Today I went to a lovely craft fair in Denver. Boy are those things dangerous for me. Upon arrival I met the woman who had organized it. We got to talking about the organization and yarn and...She actually knew who I was from etsy (which was surprising) and asked me if I had gotten an invitation to be a vendor. I said I hadn't, to which she replied that she remembered that she didn't invite me because she didn't feel recycled yarn was "handmade." She asked me if I made anything else. Of course I make other things. But my question is, why isn't recycled yarn handmade?

I asked her if she thought the people who dye pre-made yarn are "handmaking" something. She said yes. I was confused. How is dyeing a pre-made yarn any less commercial than unraveling a sweater? Well, I guess I can understand. You are choosing your own colors when you dye. It's like painting on a premade canvas. Yet I still don't understand how making yarn out of something that would have been shredded is not crafty.

She said she "didn't want to have any vendors that had something that people can just go home to make." WTF? How many people do you know who go home and unravel a sweater to make yarn? Not many, I tell you. I admit, I am not the first person to think of making recycled yarn. People have been reusing wool for centuries, but they have also been knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, and dyeing for centuries. How am I any different?

Maybe I will just start dyeing my unraveled yarn to become more "handmade."



Wow..yeah. I am like the worst blogger ever. Oh well. Life's been great lately. A couple of weeks ago I went to Bellingham, WA to visit my friend Sam's family. It was soooooo awesome. I have never eaten so many berries in my life! In fact, I don't think I had ever eaten a berry off the bush/vine before (other than a wild raspberry once). They are AMAZING! I want to move to the Pacific Northwest now, just to have fresh berries every summer.

Today I start a new "job." I wouldn't even call it a job actually. It's just fun. I am now working at Purls of Wisdom yarn shop in Parker, CO. I found the job listing on craigslist while perusing for "real jobs" and couldn't help applying. Needless to say, I got the job.

(It must be noted that I feel some guilt about "cheating on" Edla in Walsenburg, but I still hold loyal to her. She is and always will be my idea of knitting nirvana. It's just that now I live farther away, and I really wanted this job! Haha.)

As for the rest of my life, I've been ripping out sweaters like a crazy addict. I want to be more serious about this little business. Also, I've been studying a lot for the GRE *gag* because I've been communicating with an awesome lady that is a major source of inspiration. I think Minnesota may be in my future. If it's possible that is. It's hard to get funding to go to Grad school these days when everyone else wants to go too.

Truthfully, there is so much going on lately, that I constantly fear I am forgetting something. So much to knit! So much to unknit! So much to study, and so much to be excited about!