Teddy Bear Parade

I went on a teddy bear knitting rampage last week at some point. I have five of them knit, but only two of them sewn. I'm a slacker. I really enjoy these little guys though. They are so full of expression even without faces sewn on!

Here's a preview

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And here's a link!
teddy bears



Here's something I just finished and a cactus.


Reason why I am not knitting enough

While I know this is a knitting blog, I wanted to post my first creative nonfiction writing piece for the world to see. This is my attempt at a "lyrical essay." I am still working on it, so don't judge too harshly. Hopefully you can figure out who "she" is.

She haunts me.

When I was in first grade, she kept me fearful of reading a word out loud. Her whispers in my ear made me hide in the bathroom for hours after peeing my pants in Preschool. My teacher was the hero who came into the bathroom with fresh underwear and rescued me from her painful nails raking my skull.

Second through fifth grades were painful. She coaxed my friends into revoking their friendships. She joined older girls on the playground or in the hallway when they would mock my walk, hair, family, or figure.

I thought she would be long gone when I changed schools. Perhaps she faded for a bit, but never longer than a week or two. During those few days her voice grew weak and my smile grew stronger.
But she always came back to taunt me, and in high school she returned stronger, harsher, and sharper.

Not a day went by my freshman year of high school when she did not whisper in my ear. Sometimes I would confide in her just because she was the only one around willing to lend an ear. My anger and self-pity thrived in her presence like the kudzu in Louisiana.

For months the poison of her words coursed through my veins. Until one day…one day I made a new friend. My haunting shadow relaxed her grip on my thoughts while I played video games with my boyfriend.
The world seemed bright yellow and fuzzy while my attention was focused on him instead of her.

Then, I think he started listening to her. She got to him and he got to me. I couldn’t love him after she had left her tainted scent on our relationship.

Happily she straddled my back as my confidence and composure plummeted together into the black hole under my childhood mattress.

For over a year my eyesight was dark and blurry, my mouth snide and snappy, and my head felt like she was gnawing some of it off.
Once again I had scared off and rejected every living thing capable of love or affection. Or, at least that’s what I thought.

And then he saved me. Slowly. He was like Galadriel or Michael or my knight in shining armor.
Something unexpected but necessary.

He didn’t mind my malicious remarks or my dislike of the world around me. He was my light at the end of a very long, dark headache.

I don’t think he even believes she exists. If he does, he knows she is no friend of his nor mine.

I know I listen to her deep, rasping sneer far too often, but I am weak. I have become dependent on her negativity. When I need to write a paper, give a presentation, sell my work, ride my bike, or even wear a pretty dress, she is there telling me how worthless I am. I am a complete failure and nothing I do will ever be good or exceptional.

But she is just a whisper compared to my scream.


Creative Nonfiction Writing

Today I started a "summer session" class as my school would call it. This is a Creative Nonfiction Writing class. The "professor" is Kathryn Eastburn, a co-founder and editor of the Colorado Springs Independent, and a free-lance writer. She seems like an amazing woman, she just might not quite know what it's like to be a professor. She talks quite a bit about herself, but altogether I am pretty excited about the class.

Since about fifth grade I have kept a journal. (This is part of the reason why I started bookmaking. I have a passion for a blank piece of paper.) I am not much of a creative writer so hopefully this class will help me develop my skills. I have quite a few ideas about what I would like to write about and how I would like it to sound, but it never turns out that way.

My main idea is to write about my Antarctica trip, so that I have a great encounter of my experience. Wish me luck!

On the knitting side of things, I have collected more plastic bags from Colorado College, my aunt, and my boyfriend's mom. Yay! I'm also working on triangular felted purse. Whoopie!



I've been pretty busy lately with work and my senior project. If you guys don't know this yet, I am a geology major at Colorado College between by junior and senior year. The past three years have not been too easy, but definitely fun. My passion for rocks and the environment comes near to my passion for crafting.

For my senior project I am looking at metamorphic rocks under the microscope. I am to the point where I need to start taking pictures of the textures within these rocks, but Colorado College does not have an "equipped facility" for petrology (study of rocks). So, sunday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday of this week are being spent at the Colorado School of Mines in Denver. At one point in my life (high school) I thought about attending the school of mines, but I am glad I haven't. These have been long days in front of a computer and microscope. No time for blogging or crafting!

With what little free time I have, I have been cutting more and more and more AND MORE plastic bags. Whfew! Cutting plastic bags proves difficult! Well, not so much difficult as tedious. I finished my first knit plastic bag a couple of days ago, and my aunt already wants it! I'm cooking with gas now! It's very fun, and free! I would suggest every other knitter or crocheter use up those horrible plastic grocery bags by knit/crochet(ing) bags, rugs, sponges, anything you can think of! We must be eco-friendly!


Knitty weekend

I finally stopped cutting plastic bags and began KNITTING plastic bags. It was a lot of fun, and I would say my prototype was a bit ugly, but immediately, my Aunty Gay wanted it! She waited to ask until I was nearly done and said "Did I tell you I had a birthday in April?" I thought that was a great way to ask for something she wanted. I happily gave it to her because what do I need it for? I will just knit some more. I will take a picture of it before I give it to her so I can put it on my blog for the world to see my silly plastic bag bag. Hahaha. I think this is a start of a new love. Who could not love yarn for free? I am going to be knitting a lot more of these bags I believe! I am already getting ideas from some other sellers on etsy like arnym and sherrybingaman.

After finishing the bag, I started with some more teddy bears. YAY! I love those! Well, actually, I hate sewing them together, but I love knitting them. This weekend I went to Walsenburg for a wedding and stopped by Edla's Yarns. She was having a great sale, so I invested in some geisha for teddy bears. Well, on to more bears!



I'm working on a few different projects at the moment. My sister is somewhat of a shop-a-holic, so I am cutting up all of her plastic bags into (somewhat) straight strips so that I can knit plastic bags into...guess what? A BIGGER plastic bag! heheh. Hopefully this will work. I am thinking it will be a pretty big bag, strong enough to hold a few groceries. I really love reusing stuff! I think about getting home and cutting up plastic bags all day at work. I'm obsessed I tell you! The plastic bag project has proven to be quite a time-eater though because I've been cutting bags for three nights (with the random help of my boyfriend and his sister on the first night), and I have nowhere NEAR enough cut to make a bag! *sigh*

Last night I also started knitting a bride's purse. My boyfriend's mother works at a bridal shop, and she suggested that I knit some purses so her store could sell them for me. I quick went to Edla's yarn shop in Walsenburg when I went to visit my mom and bought some Bonsai in tofu, bamboo, and shin gold. They are so beautiful! I found a great pattern that I wanted to use, so now I'm clicking away!

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I apologize for the photo quality. Those were taken with my webcam! I was also hiding behind my knitting because I am sitting in bed without my hair brushed or anything!



Last week I opened a shop up on etsy.


I haven't sold anything on it yet, and truthfully I am quite obsessed. I know that if I would like to do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be crafting. It would be nice if I could make a little money here and there, selling my crafted items. Right now I have some stuff that was fun to make, but I don't believe anyone is interested.
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There are a lot of things I need to learn about in this business. I need to take better pictures, and somehow sell myself better. I really love one of the books that I have listed. It's called the "marble cake cat," and it was a beautiful book before I ripped it up and remade it. I also took the time to stamp little purple and pink flowers on pretty much every page.

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I really hope I can get this little shop kicked off because currently, it's my only form of income.