It has not been a good week for miss nosierosie. As you can see below, I feel off my bike and hurt myself. On Saturday I went to Walsenburg, CO (my hometown) to see my parents and get a massage. What I got was not a massage at all. I got CUPPING!
Does this look like it felt like a massage?
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If you are too lazy to click on the cupping link, I'll tell you about it. It's hundreds of years old. It's an old chinese acupressure healing method where the healer wipes down a glass cup/bowl with 90% alcohol, lights it on fire, and sticks it on your skin. The heat from the fire trapped with in the bowl causes a suction. Hence, bruising!
Not only did I get cupping, but I also got pretty ill. I am not sure where the illness came from, but I had a horribly high fever for three days, and haven't been able to eat right since Saturday evening. YUCK!



I wiped out on my bike the other day. It hurt a lot. I think I got whiplash. Here's some proof.
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My knee

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My ankle

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My Elbow

None of these hurt half as bad as my neck and head!


My Stash

This weekend I bought some tubs to reorganize my stash of yarns and knit items. Boy do I feel like 100x better now that I reorganized!

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Before, I just had all of my yarn piled into a HUGE basket like thing. Now I can actually see what I am trying to find. Yay!
I do have WAY too much yarn right now though. I need to get rid of some!

Keep on knittin.



Oh, how I love knitting socks. Isn't it amazing to think that you can make two wonderful little things out of an eight dollar ball of yarn. They are so great. So simple, so easy. I love to tote them around, and I truly feel special knitting with toothpick sized knitting needles.

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I turned 21 (finally) on Friday, July 6th. I feel so old! It's amazing to think that you look forward to something for so long, and then it comes and goes before you have the time to appreciate the change.
My sisters and I went out downtown in Denver. It was pretty fun, but we putzed out pretty early. We went to Comedy Works and the cheesecake factory. I got a mint julep at the cheesecake factory (gag). I don't like brandy. I like vodka I believe. My two sisters and I all like vodka more than any other alcohol. How weird. I am not a big drinker, and neither are they. It's strange to think that we all share the same ideas when we didn't even ever talk about it. I love my sisters and they really make me feel comfortable with myself.
I got a few compliments when we got out. That's new. I'm not one of those people who people find pretty or even normal. I don't know what I am, but usually I don't get compliments. What a nice surprise to get numerous compliments on my dress, hair, style on my 21st birthday. YAY! What a good day.