Like a Pig

Bloom's been working all day. So that means that I have had all day to knit. Woohoo! Usually I would be in school today, but I am on block break (a five day break between each intensive 3.5 week course). It is so nice to have a few days off. I worked on my lace today, but I also made the berroco dizzy hat using BOHO. I loved it! I sat all day long, barely eating anything just so that I could finish this hat. Wow. I am slightly insane.
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Kickin' A** and Takin Names

Not really. I've just been doing a lot of knitting and taking a lot of pictures. I am in a relatively easy (time flexible) class in which I can manage a lot of knitting time. It's great. I've also joined ravelry. I think stated that in the last blog post, but I just love it so much! So many patterns. So many ideas. Never enough time!
I've been experimenting a bit.