Rainy Days Make for Knitting Happy

Yesterday, since the day was rainy and cold (in AUGUST!) and was at work Ryan at work, I knit. It was a great feeling. I haven't been knitting up to my usual snuff lately, and I finally finished one of my experimental flowers for my bouquet.

It took me a really long time to get this peony done because I was skeptical of the pattern. I have always had issues following patterns. Not because they are hard, but because I have had so many bad experiences where the designer didn't even actually knit the object he/she is claiming to have designed, where the pattern tells you to knit something that is totally unrelated to what you want the actual product to be.

This pattern though, was amazingly intricate, and I enjoyed it very much. Never would have I thought to design the flower in such a way. It appears to me that the designer must have a true appreciation for both the biology and the knitting. Thanks Noni Designs!

Now I must felt it, but that won't come until I go home to my parents' house for the weekend. I live in a lowly apartment without a washing machine capable of felting wool beautifully.

I leave you with more peony pictures.


Wedding Plannage

I've decided that my niece, Robin, and nephew, Diego will be my flower girl and ring bearer.

I'm pretty excited about their cuteness in fancy dresses and tuxes.

On that note, I knit the outside of Diego's ring bearer pillow. They are made with this pattern

Here's a preview:

Of course they still need blocking and everything. If you hadn't noticed, these look a little bit like the washcloths I was knitting last summer, but these are slightly fancier, what with the poinsettia and the bamboo/nylon yarn.

I thought I was smart, and I was going to skip the gauging and make one half of the pillow with a different yarn than bonsai. I was mistaken. These two yarns were not similar enough, and they ended up turning out to be VERY different sizes.

That doesn't work when you have to sew two halves to make one pillow.

This way worked out better anyway because Ryan's ring is Rose Gold (represented by the richer gold yarn half) and my Ring is White Gold (represented by the champagne yarn side). This better represents our rings, and therefore the two halves that come together to become one (pillow).